St. Joseph’s night is one of the most beautiful cultural displays in New Orleans. On St Joseph’s Night (sunset), you can find your favorite gangs in all of their splendor. The best part for me is finding the tribes and watching them meet up.

If you are Uptown, the easiest spot to go is to Central City. The area of Washington and LaSalle near the park is always a go-to spot. They mostly parade up Washington and end up at 2nd and D ( Dryades). Once there, you will find several tribes dancing, singing, and playing Indian.

If Downtown is where you want to catch Indians, under The bridge on Claiborne is the spot. I usually start at Frenchmen and Robertson, head to the Circle Food Store, and then under the bridge. The suits in this area are nothing short of amazing. If you want more, Bullet’s sports bar on A.P Tureaud is also a hot spot.

Each gang comes out of their own locations, but they all want to be seen, so trust me, you will be able to find them. Algiers has the Mohawk Hunters that always give a good show as well. If you catch a few tribes please tag our @Urbannola page on Ig. Maybe we will feature your pictures. Or, If you would like your Indian tribe added, please let me know.


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