START Verret’s Lounge (1738 Washington) up to St. Charles Ave. LEFT down to Second St. Make another LEFT and proceed to Sportsman Bar (picking up king). Proceed up Second to Danneel down to Louisiana Ave & make a RIGHT on Louisiana Ave.

PAUSE. Continue down Louisiana to Toledano & take a sharp LEFT to Louisiana. PAUSE by Big Man’s Lounge. Keep straight up Louisiana Pkwy.

STOP at NOLA Fashion (3206 Louisiana Pkwy). Take a RIGHT on S. Roman to Toledano. Proceed up Toledano to Tapp’s Lounge.

STOP Tapp’s Lounge (Undefeated Divas). Proceed to Washington Ave. and take a RIGHT on S. Dorgenois. Proceed up Dorgenois to MLK & make a RIGHT to S. Galvez.

STOP Ole & Nu Style. Continue down MLK to S. Claiborne and make a LEFT on Jackson Ave. to Magnolia. Proceed up Magnolia to Washington. LEFT on Washington.

STOP at LaSalle & Washington (9Xs) proceed down Washington to Dryades & take a LEFT to Sportsman’s Corner 


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